Three days of laziness.

Three-day weekend! Three-day holiday weekend. No work or summer school for anyone in this house for three whole days, so we can celebrate our nation’s independence. Whee! On the schedule: laziness. Three days of it.
July 4th wreath
For someone whose entire adult life has consisted of weeks and years of five-days-on and two-days-off, a three-day holiday weekend is a treat, indeed.
July 4th bunting
An ordinary work-week weekend is when all the chores, errands, household projects, homemade meals, return phone calls, workouts (if they make it in at all), and ... oh yes,
relaxation ... that you couldn’t attend to during the week are squeezed into 48 hours. A holiday weekend is for being lazy!
July 4th converse
I started feeling that gotta-get-it-all-done reflex when I woke up today, but I sent it packing. On this July 4th weekend I’m banishing timetables, to-do lists, and unfinished projects. I’m even (mostly) ignoring the clock to make lazing my way through the next three days my main priority.
July 4th croquet mallets
The weather is perfect for lazing: warm, sunny, and dry, with a lovely light breeze rippling through the trees. The Cub’s game is burbling quietly out of a transistor radio on the deck, a few
cicadas have started prematurely buzzing (they’ll really get their buzzers going this evening), and occasionally a fire truck visiting nearby block parties chirps its siren for the kids. Today sounds lazy.
July 4th violets
Today is also for anticipating tomorrow’s picnic (even if it ends up being just the two of us), parade (a lazy three-block walk from our house), and Independence Day pyrotechnics (should we bike or drive? our level of laziness might have to be considered there).
July 4th mints
So what if we haven’t figured out what’s on the menu -- we’ve got all day to decide! And the grocery stores are open tomorrow anyway (I think).
july 4th strawbs and bluebs
There are things to take care of this weekend, yes, but luckily they can wait. I’m enjoying this perfect summer day, thinking about grilled hamburgers and mojitos with fresh mint, antique cars and marching bands, leisurely walks with the pup, fireworks, and maybe even catching a satellite flyby (if we can stay up that late).
July 4th heart
And if I do only half those things (or even less!) I won’t care. There’s always next weekend. Happy Independence Day!
July 4th napkins