Ah, spring.

I know it's nearly summer, but I'm catching up and want to share some of what's been going on in our yard this spring.
Spring chives
Spring chives. I keep forgetting to eat them! I finally sprinkled some on scrambled eggs. Delish! And those pretty flowers are edible, too.

Spring brunneraSpring brunnera ("siberian bugloss"). Their petite blue flowers remind me of sweet little fairies hanging delicately over the big heart shaped leaves. I adore them! And they are super easy to grow.

Spring blanket flowerSpring blanket flower. A few years ago, I thought this was a weed and nearly pulled it up. Now it's blooming like crazy!

Spring frau bud
Frau Dagmar Hastrup rose -- a "rugosa" (shrub) rose bequeathed to me by a friend-of-a-friend whose yard was too shady.

Spring frau bloom
The Frau is doing well in our front yard and is blooming sweetly. I'm so glad she likes it here.

Spring joe's coat bud
I'm so very proud of these Joseph's Coat climbing roses -- I planted them only last year and they went wild this spring! The buds are lovely -- orange and apricot. And so prolific!

Spring joe's coat 2
The fully opened roses turn yellow and pink. It's like having 2 or 3 different colors of roses on the same plant. The leaves have, unfortunately, succumbed to either bugs or disease or both. I'll be fighting that battle for with some organic sprays I'm mixing up with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap, baking soda, horticultural oil, and other enemies of bugs and fungus. My dream is that they will someday climb up and over our flower boxes, like these.

Spring wisteria 1
How gorgeous is wisteria? Let me count the ways! Alas, this is not in our yard but on a plain old brick wall surrounding a Northwestern University dorm complex that faces the lake (those lucky students). Every year I keep watch for the blooming wisteria.

Spring wisteria 2
So beautiful, like jewels spilling off a vine. And the scent is dreamy! Oh how I wish I could grow this against my house.

Spring Goddess
Spring Goddess, in repose among the wild ginger. The pattern is from Michelle Simkins. She was a ton of fun to knit and I'll be making more.

Spring pup
Spring Pup, in repose on the front steps.

I think my garden has had enough rain and would like to get on with summer. Let the countdown to
June 21 begin!