Like word games? Try Bon Mot!

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, then you might like Bon Mot! a scrambled word game created by my dear husband, Kenny, and our friend Bill Cochran. Bill = idea for the game, visual and audio creative, hours and hours of beta testing. Kenny = weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of programming and debugging. Bon Mot was accepted into the iTunes App store and is now available for sale, whee!
To accommodate this venture into iPhone application programming, we (meaning Kenny) created a new company, The App Orchard, from whence we hope will come many more such games applications in the future.

We would be honored if you would check out
Bon Mot!, download it from the App Store for a mere $0.99 (the Apple image below will zip you straight to the Bon Mot page), play it to your heart’s content. It’s fun, easy-to-learn, and quite habit-forming! I don’t have an iPod touch yet, so I’m constantly borrowing Kenny’s or my stepdaughter’s in order to get my daily Bon Mot. If you download and play the game, please let me know what you think of it!